Adding Pages

There are a number of available options when adding a new page to your site

Example of options available when creating pages

Page Type

There are 5 types of pages available:
Page Type Description
Custom This page type is used where the page is managed by the composer team
Custom Plus This page type is used where the page is managed by the composer team, however you may add chunks of content, images and content to replace sections on the page.
Link This page type is simply a link to another page
Placeholder This page type will show a dropdown of other pages set up by the Composer Team.
Standard This page type is a page where the contents are completely managed by you


The name given to the page is what will show as the page title and on the navigation bar


The slug is usually set automatically to match the name of the page, the slug determines the URL.

For example if you create a page called About Us and assign it a slug of about-us then the item will show on the navigator as About Us and have a URL of


When setting the parent you have two options:

Option Description
Top Level The page will be added to the top level navigation, the URL of the page will simply be the value of the slug.
Page Name If you select another page then this page will be added as a sub-page, the URL will take the format of /parent-page-slug/page-slug/


There are two status options available
Status Description
Active Pages with this status will be shown on your website
Not Active Pages with this status will not be shown on your website

Display on navigation

This option determines if the page should be shown on your navigation bar, when this option is ticked the page will be shown on your website's navigation bar
Example navigation bar

If a page does not have this option ticked but the status is Active, then you can still navigate to the page using it's slug. This option is useful for pages such as terms and conditions where you don't want to show the link on the navigation bar but still want to be able to access the page.

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