Feed Export Timings

Composer can currently output your stock to the following providers:

  • Auto Trader
  • Carsnip
  • Car Gurus
  • Motors.co.uk
  • eBay Motors Pro
  • Kia Dealers Portal

Please raise a support ticket if you would like to export to any of the above providers

The below table outlines when your feed is sent to the third parties:

All run times are in UTC

 Feed Name Feed Time
Auto Trader First Run: 10:15
Second Run: 15:15
Carsnip First Run: 10:00
Second Run: 15:00
Car Gurus First Run: 10:30
Second Run: 15:30
Motors.co.uk First Run: 10:45
Second Run: 15:45
eBay Motors Pro Daily: 11:00
Kia Dealers Portal Daily: 19:00

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