Specification Alias

What are Specification Alias's

Specification Alias's allow you to group other specifications together under a single name, rename specifications and ignore certain specifications

To use Specification Alias's you will need to navigate to Composer Stock > Stock List > Spec - Standard

You will now see a new section at the top of the page labelled Alias

How do Alias's work

Group multiple specifications 

You might be used to seeing your specification list with multiple derivatives of the same specification but with slightly different names, this is due to the way manufacturers list vehicle specification

The below image shows an example of a specification for Anti-Lock Brakes but these will all be shown as different specifications against different vehicles are they are treated as unique within Composer.

This is usually too much information and you will usually just want to show Anti-Lock Brakes for all of these

In order to Group all of these into a single specification, we need to select an Alias or create a new one. For this example because we want all of our specifications to be called Anti-Lock Brakes, we already have a specification with this name so we can re-use this one, simply click on the Anti-Lock Brakes specification.

You will then be shown a new screen with the below options

Field Name Field Description Notes
Group  This is the grouping for this specification
Name This is the name that will be shown on Composer and on your website
Alias This is where you enter specifications you want to match and be replaced by Name This field accepts * as a wildcard character before and after text
Hide Select this field if you wish to hide this specification from showing up against any vehicles

Continuing with our example above if we want to replace all instances of Anti-Lock brakes and simply show a clean specification with a name of Anti-Lock Brakes then we would enter *Anti-Lock Brakes* into the Alias field. What this is instructing Composer to do is when the VRM lookup returns a list of specifications it checks to see if that specification matches any Alias's (if it matches multiple only the first one will be used).

With this matching rule we are telling composer to match anything that has Anti-Lock Brakes within the name, the asterisk (*) on either side is what we call a wildcard, this means it will match all of the below:

  • Anti-Lock Brakes - ABS
  • ABS - Anti-Lock Brakes

The wildcard character essentially tells composer any text can be where the asterisk is and it will still match.

So we've now configured Composer to match any derivative of Anti-Lock Brakes and replace it with the value we have set in the Name field. 

Rename single specification

If the goal is to simply rename a single specification we would follow the same approach as above however within the Alias field we would simply enter the exact name.

As an example if we have a specification with a name of  Centre Rear Seat Belt and we want to rename it to Rear Seat Belt, we would use the below configuration

Note that we are not using a wildcard character we are entering the exact name within the Alias field.

Hide specifications

If you don't want to show a specification against any of your vehicles, you would simply select the Hide option and save. This works with grouped and wildcard specifications too.

How do update existing Stock

Now that we've configured our specifications the changes will only apply to new vehicles added through the VRM.

To make the changes apply to existing vehicles there is a 'Ripple' button on the right hand side of the screen, selecting this will give you the below options

The Delete any changed specifications that have been replaced option allows you to remove all old versions of that specification.that are no longer used, it is recommended that you always select this option.

Once you press 'Ripple' the system will update all your existing vehicles by updating the names or hiding specifications where applicable 

You will be shown a confirmation message on the screen to indicate that the task has been successful and the new Alias will now be shown with the Alias section at the top

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