Feed Exports

Feeds Overview

Once you login to Composer Stock clicking on the Feeds tab will take you to the feeds overview view, here you will see a number of options

  • Feed Name = This is where the feed is being exported to
  • Vehicles = This is how many vehicles are included within the feed, clicking into this number allows you to manage the vehicles you want to send for each feed
  • Feed ID = Settings value to allow the third party to identify your business
  • Status = This tells you if the feed export is active or not
  • Auto Include = This defines the default behavior of any new vehicles added to stock
    • If Auto Include = Yes - Then any vehicles you add to stock will automatically be included with then feed
    • If Auto Include = No - Then any vehicles you add to stock will not be included with the feed unless you specifically add the vehicle

Managing Vehicles in feed

There are two ways to include/exclude vehicles for a particular data feed using the feed manager or doing it individually per vehicle

Using the feed manager

On the feeds overview page, clicking into the number of vehicles within the feeds tab takes you to a view of all vehicles and allows you to quickly and easily include and exclude vehicles from that feed

Using the vehicle listing

When adding or amending a vehicle the feeds tab allows you to quickly include or exclude that particular vehicle from a data feed, making it easy to keep on top of items within the feed whilst adding vehicles to Composer Stock

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