Website Cache

We use a number of different caching strategies to improve the performance of your website.

We cache all web pages and vehicles for 120 minutes by default, what this means is if someone visits your homepage for the next 120 minutes everyone visiting your homepage will be served the same copy of the page. After 120 minutes we'll refresh the cached copy of that page from Composer and serve that.

There are a number of triggers that cause the cache on your website to be updated in real-time:

  • When a new or used vehicle is added to Composer Stock
  • When information is changed for an existing vehicle, new or used on Composer Stock
  • When you create a stock event on Composer Stock
  • When you add/remove vehicles from stock event
  • When a page is added or updated on Composer Web
  • When an Alert is updated or status changed on Composer Web

In most scenario's you won't need to think about the cache, but if you do need to update the cache on your website you can do so within Composer Web by pressing the 'Purge Cache' button. 

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