Facebook Marketplace

To feed your vehicles to facebook marketplace you will need to create a vehicle catalogue.

Create a New Vehicles Catalog

From your Business Manager or Catalog Manager, select Auto > Vehicles and then click Next to create your catalogue.

Assign Your Catalog to a Business Manager

To publish your catalogue on Marketplace, you need to assign your catalogue to a Business Manager using one of the following options:

Add Vehicles To Your Catalog

To upload a new data feed file to a catalogue:

  1. In Catalog Manager, select Data Sources.
  2. Select Add Vehicles.
  3. Click Use Bulk Upload > Next.
  4. Choose Scheduled Feed
  5. URL - Get in touch with us at support@haswent.com to get your unique feed URL
For Marketplace, we recommend a daily upload at a time that is most convenient for you.

Publish Your Catalog

To publish your catalogue’s vehicle on Marketplace:

  1. You must get approval from the Facebook Support Team. You can contact your Facebook Partner Manager directly or send an email to commerce-partnerships@fb.com and include your Catalog ID in the request.
  2. If you have already had one catalogue approved for Marketplace, you can create and publish additional catalogues directly from the Catalog Manager.

  3. From the left side navigation bar, select Sales to access the Marketplace Channel.

  4. Click Enable Previews to enable your catalogue for Marketplace in test mode.
  5. Click Publish Catalog to publish your catalogue in Marketplace.

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